Solid Silicone U-Channel
Solid Silicone U-Channel

Excellent Hi-Temp. General resistance to oxidizing chemicals, ozone and alkalizes. Poor resistance to solvents, oils, concentrated acids and abrasion.

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Slim Ultra-Violet Black Light
Slim Ultra-Violet Black Light

UV lights (i.e. black light) causes the leak powder to glow for a visual baghouse inspection.


  • Power – Input 2W, Output 140 mW
  • Wavelength – 295 nm
  • Size – 6.1 in. x .051 in.
  • Weight – 2.1 oz. (with batteries)
  • Power Source – 3AAA batteries
  • Run Time – 10 hours
  • Color – Silver
  • Other – Water and shock resistant


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Leak Detection Powder
Leak Detection Powder

Leak powder is used to detect compromised filter bags, seals, tubesheets, or other ares with the baghouse system. The powder is introduced into the system either from the dirty air plenum, or a collection point in the system. As the powder flows through the system, trace amounts are deposited in areas that have come into contact with the powder. A maintenance technician will then perform a visual inspection of the entire baghouse with a black light which causes the leak powder to glow.

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