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Belt Conveyor Dust Collector (BCDC)

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A Standalone Dust Collector

New and existing belt conveyor transfer points can be difficult to tie into an existing dust collection system due to their relative distance. Placing a Belt Conveyor Dust Collector unit, a standalone dust collector, at the transfer point will remove the need for making this connection.

The Belt Conveyor Dust Collector System is a compact unit that provides dust collection for belts up to 48” wide transporting low temperature, dry, dusty materials. The BCDC will collect nuisance dust at the transfer point and discharge the collected dust back on to the belt. This system will remove downtime associated with cleaning out ducting as no ducting is required in this system. The unit has a standalone controller thus only requires power and compressed air to operate. By using pleated filters the system has an air:cloth ratio of <3.0:1, and the filters use an easy installation mechanism.

Features & Benefits

  • More reliable than remote dust collectors and hoods
    • Better emission control, no dust transfer points.
  • Compact and mounted on the belt conveyor.
    • Less to maintain and much lower maintenance cost. (No hoods, ductwork, hoppers or airlocks)
    • Fit in hard to reach areas with low head room.
  • Easy to install highly efficient pleated filter elements.
    • Low emissions and long filter life.
  • 100% sealing screw-in top pleated filters.
    • Much easier to install and remove than traditional style bottom load elements. No leaks.
  • Fans can be mounted on the dust collector or remotely.
    • Flexibility of installation.


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Reach out to your Account Manager or Customer Support for more information: sales@bwf-envirotec.us.

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