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BWF Envirotec Services

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Extensive Offerings… Backed by Industry Experts

Let us take a moment to bring you up to date on BWF Envirotec. First and foremost is our dedication to clean air.

With 15 production and distribution locations, we have amassed the greatest cadre of knowledge and expertise from 10 countries and gained a reputation as a world leader in industrial flue gas filtration solutions. Second, we are committed to our clients and sensitive to their individual needs. Therefore, BWF focuses on forming partnerships that address plant systems rather than “selling” a product.

BWF Envirotec Services:

  • Commissioning. With commissioning, the BWF Envirotec team lays the foundation for your filters’ long service life. We are present through every phase of the commissioning process – from pre-coating to leak tests.
  • Installation. Our team includes installation experts with extensive baghouse and filter bag knowledge. Additionally, BWF Envirotec’s installation protocol incorporates client preferences and consistently delivers projects on time and within budget.
  • Maintenance and Repairs. BWF Envirotec doesn’t just maintain and repair and collect a fee. Our “system” focus incorporates documenting anomalies and identifying a root cause before proceeding with maintenance and repairs.
  • Optimization. Within this service, we offer several different packages designed to ensure optimum filter system performance. For instance, our refurbishment program might be the right choice after a one-time event; or perhaps our more exclusive computation fluid dynamics services would be needed to analyze flow behavior.
  • Training. Considered by some to be the most valuable service offered. BWF Envirotec offers individual one-on-one or group on-site programs, as well as 3-day training workshops at our Training Academy in Kentucky.

BWF Envirotec Services Partnerships:

Every one of our Envirotec Services are carried out with a partnership mindset. In this mindset, we examine not just the baghouse’s activities, but the affect the baghouse performance has on the rest of the plant. We also, gather and learn about the plant’s entire operations to determine how those activities affect the baghouse’s efficiency.

Our partnership mindset embraces interaction and involvement with all departments, divisions and resources to identify root causes and provide viably and sustainable solutions.

Additional information on our services is provided on our website or you can download our data sheet.

Download Data Sheet


Reach out to your Account Manager or Customer Support for more information: sales@bwf-envirotec.us.

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