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Needle Felt Construction

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Needle felt consists of a fiber web on both sides of the material. All Needle Felts are not the same.

For instance:

Figure 1: Needle Felt with Supporting Scrim Construction
  • The Needle Felt’s construction should add dimensional stability. Dimensional stability is the ability of material to maintain its essential or original dimensions while being used for its intended purpose. (See Figure 1.) Thread construction should also be considered. For instance, the basic design for a filament yarn is different than that for a spinning yarn. The last thing you need is the scrim forcing the felt’s thickness to expand.
  • The scrim should extend the filter bag’s life. Anything added to a filter should maintain or extend a filter’s life cycle.
  • The supporting scrim should increase efficiency. Anything that detracts from the filter’s efficiency will also negatively impact your system’s performance. High-efficiency needle felts should completely separate dust on the surface.
  • Adding an ePTFE-membrane improves particle capture capabilities. The addition of such a membrane to a filter is critical in capturing ultra-fine dust particles.
  • Your Needle Felt vendor should have extensive knowledge of your system and needle felts. Any person or company helping you choose the right filter material for your plant should be backed by an active research and development department that is constantly experimenting with fabrics, serves multiple industries, and is a recognized leader in their field.

If you would like to discuss your needle felt needs, contact us at sales@bwf-envirotec.us.

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