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On-Site Training

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Does More Than Minimize Travel Costs

Training can be expensive. However, it is even more expensive when you don’t train your staff on how to carry out their duties safely and efficiently.

In the industrial world, though, carrying out duties safely and efficiently, isn’t enough. The real need is to keep systems up and running and avoid unplanned downtime. The real need is to concentrate focus on “systems.” The real need is to bring to the forefront your plant’s particular system design and requirements and optimize its operations.

The real need is to identify the training programs that address the entire spectrum of employee capabilities from apprentices to interns to plant experts.

That is where BWF Envirotec comes in. We have designed an on-site training program that, while it starts with a set of standard topics, our approach incorporates the nuances peculiar to your industry, plant, systems and staff talents. Also, every training program is created and facilitated by industry experts.

Benefits. You, your team and your plant receive the following benefits:

  • Hands on demonstrations
  • Immediate applicable solutions
  • Small class size, more time with instructor
  • On-site baghouse walk-down
  • No travel expenses for attendees
  • Tailored to your site’s needs

Customizable Topics. BWF experts work with your team to set up the most effective on-site training program which includes, but is not limited to:

Standard Topics Specialized Knowledge
Terms & Definitions Reverse Air Collectors
Hoods Fan & Material Handling
Ductwork Controls & Monitoring
Pulse Jet Collectors Pleated Filter Elements
Filter Bags & Accessories Dust Collector Maintenance
Troubleshooting Rebuilds & Conversions


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If you’d like to learn more about how an on-site training program will benefit your plant, contact sales@bwf-envirotec.us.

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