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Test Fit “Procedure”

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Why Test Fitting Your Bag Is Important

You ordered your Baghouse replacement bags from your favorite vendor. What’s in stock should work – shouldn’t it?

The answer is Yes. It should fit.

But what if, since the last time the baghouse filters had to be replaced, some changes were made to the baghouse? A pre-test fit procedure will keep the replacement activity on track and avoid interrupting the process.

But what if no changes have been made since the last filters were replaced? They should be okay – shouldn’t they?

The answer is Yes. They should fit. But what if the filter from your inventory was somehow damaged without anyone’s knowledge. What if someone accidentally pulled the wrong filter. Impossible. No.

The best way to ensure the baghouse filter replacement activity goes on without a hitch is to conduct a few Pre-Baghouse Filter Replacement activities first. The last thing you want to do is shutdown the baghouse and extend the downtime because you now have to hunt for the right replacement parts.

Someone once said: “Trust and Verify.” Good advice.

Checkout the below flyer on Test Bag Procedures.


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